Enterprise Password Management (EPM) is Critical to Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Enterprise Password Management (EPM) is Critical to Your Cybersecurity Strategy

As the news cycle reminds us daily, there are many known risks with using weak passwords but nonetheless, passwords remain the most common method of user authentication. Keeper Password Manager was included in Forrester’s report on EPM titled Best Practices: Selecting, Deploying, And Managing Enterprise Password Managers. This report offers practical guidance and recommendations that security and IT pros can use to keep password costs down and security risks in check while maximizing employee productivity.

For most businesses, large and small, passwords remain an integral part of employee authentication. The report recommends that EPM’s be a critical component of every company’s Identity Access Management (IAM) strategy. If your team and company already employ several best practices, EPM’s can supplement and bridge the gap between two-factor authentication (2FA) and single sign-on (SSO) solutions that many companies are already using. An all-encompassing EPM helps deal with high support costs, increased security risks for legacy applications, the rising number of insider attacks, lost end-user productivity and high compliance costs due to poor password hygiene.

The full report is available here. Download now for an in-depth look at:

  • The risks and costs associated with passwords
  • How employee behavior associated with passwords exacerbates password risks
  • How Enterprise Password Managers help securely manage password chaos
  • How training, communication, and smart policies around passwords are essential for success
  • Recommendations on how to use EPM solutions to handle your password issues

Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault is the premier solution for businesses looking to prevent data breaches and safeguard their sensitive data. We help your organization gain insight into your employee password behavior and hygiene, so you can identify risk and avert disaster. Learn more about how Keeper can protect your organization against the #1 cybersecurity risk here or reach out to us at sales@keepersecurity.com.