Android O Customers Now Have the Support They Need to Autofill Apps with KeeperFill

Android O Customers Now Have the Support They Need to Autofill Apps with KeeperFill

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Keeper Security is excited to announce the availability of Autofill support for all our Android O (“Oreo”) customers. This means devices with the latest Android 8.0 Oreo in hand can permit Keeper to fill passwords, save passwords and store payment information in native apps.

Autofill remembers your logins and quickly gets you into an app. Here is an example of what it looks like to log into Twitter on your Android phone:



This new feature not only saves time when logging in and shopping but also provides the strong security Keeper customers rely upon. We have worked closely with Google to integrate KeeperFill with Android O to provide a seamless Autofill experience on all Android mobile phones and tablets.

Here’s how to work with KeeperFill on Android O:


  1. From Keeper’s “Settings” screen, turn on KeeperFill. You will be guided through the process of activating Autofill capabilities.


  1. Within any native app, tapping on a login form field (or long-press) will provide you with the Autofill interface.


  1. To support the Chrome web browser customers can continue using previous KeeperFill functionality (by tapping on the Keeper lock icon on the right side of the screen) until Android Autofill supports all native web browsers.


Keeper for Google Play can be accessed through the following link from your Android phone: To install the beta, click on the “Beta” signup link within the Google Play listing.

Android O’s latest improvement gives our Android customers the comfort and convenience they need to utilize Keeper’s strong password management platform. Smarter, faster, more powerful and sweeter than ever, the world’s favorite cookie is now your favorite new Android release. Enjoy!