Keeper Dictionary –  Welcome to Keeperese 101

Keeper Dictionary – Welcome to Keeperese 101

Staying safe online can seem overwhelming at times. For one thing, keeping track of multiple accounts and passwords is more than even the most organized brain can handle. That’s why we created Keeper. We want to make it simple and easy to stay secure online, so we made our app intuitive and streamlined to do all the hard work for you.

But, even the most user-friendly system can seem confusing at first. Keeper has its own lingo for every feature, and we want to make sure all our Keepies are comfortable and confident using our product. So we’re here today with a little vocabulary lesson! Welcome to Keeperese 101.


Encryption: the process of translating your valuable passwords, credit card numbers and documents into a complex and uncrackable code.

Two-Factor Authentication: a method of making double-sure that the only person who can access your Keeper records is YOU. Just knowing your password isn’t enough–we send a text message or voice call to your phone to make sure you’re who you say you are. Read more about two-factor authentication and its benefits here.

Cloud Security Vault: the “cloud” is not a real cloud; it’s just a way of thinking about off-site file storage. Storing files on the hardrive of a device (phone, laptop, etc.) means that if the device is damaged, the files can be destroyed or lost. To make sure that you never lose your precious Keeper records, we allow you to sync them with an off-site network in encrypted form. Read more about the Keeper Cloud here.

Web App: the Keeper Web App is a version of your Keeper Vault that runs within a browser. You can access your Vault from any device, any time, without downloading anything. Just log in to the Web App with your Keeper username and Master Password and enjoy the same security and ease-of-use you find in our desktop and mobile apps.

Browser Extension: The Keeper Browser Extension is basically a miniature version of your Vault that follows you wherever you go on the web. The Browser Extension knows when you are logging into a website that you have already saved in Keeper, and allows you to fill in your login credentials with the click of a button. When you visit a new website or create a new account, the Extension asks you if you would like to save any new login information for that site into your Keeper vault and remembers it for next time.

Well, that’s it for today’s lesson! If you have any further questions about our product, please check out our support page or contact our great support team.