The Top Cyber Attacks of the Summer

The Top Cyber Attacks of the Summer

The end of summer brings cooler weather, changing leaves, and a look back at the season’s high-profile cyber attacks. Here is a recap of the breaches you need to know about:

Home Depot

Last month, Home Depot revealed that its systems were infiltrated by malware but only recently did the company admit that the breach occurred as far back as April. For months, a hackers were harvesting customer information through their point-of-sale system, and it is estimated that as many as 56 million payment cards were compromised. That’s even bigger than the Target breach of 2013, which compromised an estimated 40 million cards. According to Home Depot, the malware has now been stopped.

Goodwill Stores

If six months of malicious data theft sounds like a long time, consider the impact of an 18-month attack, such as the one suffered by dozens of Goodwill resale stores across the U.S. The attack used malware to target a third-party payment processor, resulting in the theft of customer credit card data and, so far, 25 instances of credit card fraud.

(Possible) JPMorgan Chase

An investigation was conducted in August regarding a possible compromise of bank account information targeting Chase and possibly one other bank. ABC7 Chicago covered the story and interviewed our very own COO Scott Grossman about password security. His advice?

“Consumers should be better safe than sorry, and that means go in and change your password and don’t make it easy. Don’t make it six characters in lowercase, make it six characters with numbers, letters and symbols.” (Check out Keeper’s Random Password Generator.)

The moral of this never-ending saga: Get Keeper. Keeper can help quickly change old, compromised passwords for new, strong ones, and will encrypt and store them away from prying eyes.