The Anatomy of Strong Passwords: Top Secrets to Strong Passwords

The Anatomy of Strong Passwords: Top Secrets to Strong Passwords

Can you remember the first password that you created?

Was it “password”? A song title? Your dog’s name plus the year you were born?

Second question: Did you use that password for every new account you opened online?

Third question: Do you still use that password anywhere and everywhere on the web today?

It would be nice to think that we’re all more cybersecurity-savvy than we were 10 years ago. But despite what we have heard about password security, many of us continue to use weak passwords across all of our online accounts.

With hacks continuing to increase in strength and numbers, password choice is more important than ever. A strong password is long and complex. A strong password is difficult to remember. A strong password is hard to hack.

However, just like building muscle strength, some people are not willing to expend the effort to beef up their passwords. With Keeper, strengthening your online log-in credentials is a lot easier than lifting weights. In fact, it’s as simple as clicking a button.

What does it do? It generates good, strong passwords using long, random strings of letters, numbers and characters. Once your password has been generated, Keeper will do the hard part of remembering it for you. Keeper also recommends that you change your password every six months. With just one click, users can easily uphold to this necessary standard thanks to Keeper’s Random Password Generator.

Using Keeper’s Random Password Generator for each and every one of your online accounts is the strongest and simplest way to protect yourself against hackers. Use it!