Sweet (Second) Home Folsom

Sweet (Second) Home Folsom

You’ve already read about our homebase is Chicago. But how much do you know about Keeper’s office in Folsom, California?

Folsom plays a pivotal role in making Keeper awesome. Part of the Sacramento County metropolitan region, Keeper’s Folsom office is home to everything that makes Keeper great – from our intuitive interface to our iron-clad security. The office is home to Keeper’s development team. Led by our CTO Craig Lurey – we have amazing software engineers, security engineers, content producers and QA engineers.

The office location is conveniently located near Intel and Cisco’s campuses. Plus, it’s only a 2.5 hour drive to the Silicon Valley. See those mountains in the background? Well, that’s just a quick drive north to amazing skiing and if you like great food and wine, you can hit Napa Valley too.

And finally, a blog about Folsom wouldn’t be complete without a Johnny Cash reference. The legendary musician first took interest in the Folsom State Prison in 1953 while serving in the U.S. Air Force Security Service. Cash’s unit watched Crane Wilbur’s film Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison, inspiring him to write a song that reflected his perception of prison life.The result was “Folsom Prison Blues.” Several live recordings and performances would later follow at the Folsom prison, including an entire album titled At Folsom Prison.

We are proud to call Folsom our second home!