Happy National Tell a Joke Day From Keeper!

Happy National Tell a Joke Day From Keeper!

In honor of National Tell a Joke Day this weekend (August 16th to be exact), Keeper would like to remind everyone that cybersecurity is no laughing matter.

Cyberattacks now cost consumers and businesses billions of dollars each year. Really, we aren’t exaggerating. According to a recent study from the Center for Strategic and International Studies and McAfee, cyberattacks have cost the global economy a “conservative” estimate of $445 billion. In addition, attacks account for the loss of 350,000 jobs in the U.S. and Europe.

These staggering numbers once again demonstrate the importance of Keeper. With the constant risk of cyber threat looming, diligent password management is essential. Keeper encourages users to change passwords on their most important and frequently used sites every six months. Passwords should also contain letters, numbers and symbols which can be accomplished with Keeper.

Additionally, our new Secure File Storage feature allows users the ability to upload and share files, photos and videos with fellow Keepies. Once uploaded to the Keeper Vault, those files are safe and can be accessed on all devices.

The benefits of Keeper expand beyond password creation and data management. The key feature in our mobile security software lies in the 256-bit AES encryption that the application uses to protect data from the user end. Only the user can decode data using the master password. This military-grade encryption separates us from the pack.