Good Old-Fashioned American Cybersecurity

Good Old-Fashioned American Cybersecurity

Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

There are many ways to celebrate our great nation on its birthday. Fireworks, barbecues, picnics, and celebrating with friends and family are all time-honored Independence Day rituals. But this year, we’d like you to add one more thing to your calendar for July 4th: update password security.

1. Change your email password. Hackers will often use an email password as a way to gain access to other accounts using data found in your email. Change it regularly and you can help protect many of your other accounts at once.

2. Enable two-factor authentication. In the hands of the wrong person, your mobile device can be a goldmine of saved passwords and automatic logins. Don’t get lazy–allow two-factor authentication to verify that the person logging into your Keeper account is really you.

3. Change your Keeper master password. Do we have to explain this one? It’s the single most important password you’ve got. Make it strong, change it often. Please. For the love and honor of your country!

Ok, now it’s time to celebrate. To freedom, and security!

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