Keeper is Evolving for You

Keeper is Evolving for You

by Darren Guccione, CEO
Monday June 16, 2014

We recently celebrated our 3-year anniversary of the launch of Keeper. It’s been an amazing journey thus far. Our relationship with you (our global user base), mobile operators and OEMs has given us great insight in to the pain points involved with online and app access. As a result, it has driven us to rapidly innovate our product.

Our mission is pretty straight forward:

To improve the safety and efficiency of online access by providing users with vital password and data management software on their devices.

Today, we manage over 1 billion Keeper records for millions of users in over 80 countries. Keeper is now the most downloaded and installed password manager and digital vault.

This month, we are launching two new features – Keeper FastFillTM and Keeper Secure File Storage. With FastFill, users can auto-fill their passwords across all their mobile apps and browsers. FastFill will also remember new login credentials and save them to your Keeper vault the first time you create them.

With Secure File Storage, you can upload, encrypt and attach sensitive files to your Keeper vault. If you’re on a smartphone, you’ll simply tap a button. From the web app or desktop app, you’ll be able to quickly drag-and-drop files into Keeper. It’s super easy to use and mega-secure. You’ll also be able to share your encrypted information with other Keeper users (vault to vault) – e.g. private photos, videos, loan documents, tax documents and any other file that you need kept private and secure. When you take a private photo or document image within Keeper, it gets uploaded and stored in your vault – not on your phone’s camera roll. These features are all about simplicity, privacy and security. I’ve been using the beta on my mobile devices – it rocks.

This is a great year for Keeper and an even better year for Keeper users. We will notify you when these new features go live. Thank you for being part of Keeper’s journey – the best is yet to come.