5 Reasons Why Keeper is the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

5 Reasons Why Keeper is the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is almost here, and if you still need an idea for a gift for dad, we’ve got a great one: Keeper! Click HERE to get 50% off your Keeper purchase. You’ll get Keeper Backup on ALL your devices plus the Web App.

Here’s why Keeper is the perfect present for Pa.

1. Dads Love Technology

This is a total stereotype, but as it turns out, there is science to corroborate it. For one thing, a DDB Life Style Study found that men are more likely than women to shop online using mobile devices. That means Dad probably has multiple accounts with online retailers and shopping apps, and is sending out his credit card information on a variety of connections. Keeper is a cool, high-tech way for him to protect his financial information and shop securely.

2. Dads Need Security

Another recent study revealed that men are more likely to be infected by mobile malware than women.  Keeper will help Dad stick to trusted websites, and will protect his valuable information from malicious software.

3. Dads Have Groups

Dads, by virtue of being dads, are part of a family. Families tend to share things with each other. We designed Keeper for Groups with families in mind, as a way to share passwords, answers to security questions, bank information and even credit card numbers securely and easily across unlimited devices.

4. You Can Give Keeper Instantly

Translation: last minute gift? No problem!

5. There’s Something In It For You

Whether or not there exists a human capacity for selfless and altruistic giving is a question for another time. If you refer a friend (or dad) to Keeper, you get 1 month of Keeper Backup added to your subscription for free! Just go into your “Settings” tab in the web app and click “Refer A Friend.”

Happy Father’s Day! Love, Keeper.