Announcing Keeper for Windows 8 and Surface Tablets

Announcing Keeper for Windows 8 and Surface Tablets

Hey, Windows users! Remember our post a few weeks ago about Keeper Enterprise Bridge? You might recall we hinted about another awesome development coming for our Windows-using Keepies. Well, it’s here.

Keeper Password and Data Vault is now available for Windows 8 and for Surface tablets!

Our goal is to make Keeper available to absolutely everyone. It’s what sets us apart from other password managers out there–along with our A+ security, of course. Focusing in particular on the mobile experience, we’ve developed a version of Keeper for just about every device and browser out there. We’re talking Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE…. even Linux users get love from us.

Because no matter how you use the Internet, you need protection. And we’ve got your back.

Click here to download Keeper for FREE from the Windows Store! (And while you’re at it, check out our nearly perfect rating.)