Keeper on AT&T Smart Controls

Keeper on AT&T Smart Controls

Hey guys! Remember the blog entry we posted awhile back announcing our collaboration with AT&T? Well the day has come when Keeper comes preloaded on AT&T Android and Windows smartphones.

AT&T selected Keeper to be part of their new Smart Controls program (from the AT&T website):

“AT&T Smart Controls is the all-in-one destination to get the most from AT&T services for your mobile phone, computer and TV. With information and tools to manage content, spending, safety, time and your location, Smart Controls lets you take control of the technology in your life.”

Keeper Password and Data Vault is featured in the section of Smart Controls meant to “Increase Safety.” Users can opt to sign up for Keeper Backup protection for one device, unlimited devices or a 3-user, unlimited devices plan. Or, they can simply use the Keeper free application that comes on the phone. A breakdown of plans and pricing is available here.

We want to commend AT&T for taking action to help consumers practice good mobile security and password management. We thank AT&T for selecting Keeper for their valued mobile subscribers. In this day and age, we all need to team up to stay safe. Here’s to our new teammate!