Staying Protected In 2014

Staying Protected In 2014

Happy New Year, Keepies!

This is a time to reflect on the past year and to look forward to the new one ahead. What can we learn from 2013? What will 2014 bring?

Well, according to the annual security report published by antivirus company Kapersky Labs, last year saw a continued rise in cybercrime. More specifically, an increase in threats directed at mobile devices. With what motivation? Passwords, people. Passwords.

From the “Mobile Threats” section of the report:

“The majority of malicious mobile applications are targeted primarily at stealing money and, secondly, at stealing personal data.”

Somehow, we’re not surprised. Your identity is the key to your finances, and your passwords, quite literally, are the keys to your identity. We can only assume that this year will bring more attacks on personal data. You’ve got to protect those little keys! Downloading Keeper for all of your devices ensures that no unforseen dangers will stop you from checking those resolutions off your list.

We know you have big hopes for the new year; so do we.Keep the future bright with Keeper!