Avoiding Bad Luck In Cyberspace

Avoiding Bad Luck In Cyberspace

Uh oh. Did you notice what today is?

That’s right: Friday the 13th.

According to Wikipedia, the superstition surrounding this day comes simply from the fact that Fridays and the number thirteen are both independently considered unlucky, and so in conjunction they are like a Big Mac of ill fortune.

Maybe you believe in luck, maybe not. But no matter where you fall on the superstition spectrum, we’ve got some advice for you: better safe than sorry.

It’s easy to feel that hacking and identity theft are things that happen to other people. But unfortunately, those “other people” numbered almost 12 million last year. According Smartphones and mobile devices have made personal data that much more vulnerable, and so breaches are on the rise. According to Javelin Strategy and Research, the number of reports of identity fraud increased last year by one million.

It’s not luck–it’s statistics. Protect yourself with Keeper.