This Is Exactly Why People Need Keeper

This Is Exactly Why People Need Keeper

Breaking news, Keepies. According to a report released this week by cybersecurity firm Trustwave, a major hacking spree has compromised over 2 million personal social media and email accounts around the world. And it may not be over.

According to this article on CNN Money, the breach has been going on for about a month. The hackers have been installing malicious keylogging software on personal devices, which captures log-in credentials and sends them back to one main server. Trustwave reported compromised accounts on thousands of websites including Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter.

If those users had Keeper, they would have been protected from the attack.

How? When you store your information on Keeper, it fills in login fields with the click of a button. Because you don’t type out your password, it remains hidden from prying eyes. This along with heavy encryption and rigorous two-factor authentication makes your Keeper data iron-clad.

Source: CNN Money