Let's Talk About Specs, Baby

Let's Talk About Specs, Baby

If you logged in to Keeper in the past week or so, you received an alert about upgrading your account’s security. Something about AES ciphers and some numbers. What was all that about?

In technical terms: we upgraded all Keeper users’ information from 128-to 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) ciphers. AES with a 256-bit key-length is a military-grade level of encryption and is currently approved by the U.S. Government to encrypt highly-sensitive information. Per the Committee on National Security Systems publication CNSSP-15, AES with 256-bit key-length is sufficiently secure to encrypt classified data up to TOP SECRET classification for the U.S. Government.

In English: Keeper has always been secure. Really secure. Now it is really, really, really secure.

On top of ultra-safe 256-bit client encryption, users now have the option to activate Two-Factor Authentication to provide extra security in a case where master passwords or devices are compromised. Two-Factor Authentication provides a user with a secret key, valid for about a minute, via SMS, voice call, or using the Google Authenticator application.

All this information and more is available on our brand new Security Disclosure page on the newly updated Keeper website!

Check it out: https://keepersecurity.com/security