AppPicker Loves Keeper (And We Love Them, Too)

AppPicker Loves Keeper (And We Love Them, Too)

This just in:

According to, Keeper Password and Data Vault is “pretty much the only app you’re ever going to need for managing all of your passwords, login details, and personal information.”

A great, in-depth review of our app was posted today by reviewer Mark Bangs. Highlights of the review include the lauding of the new sharing feature, a description of Keeper’s features as “airtight,” and most of all, a “Cons” section of the review…. with nothing in it.

That’s right–the kind folks at AppPicker had literally nothing bad to say about Keeper.

We especially appreciate reviews like this because they emphasize the real user’s experience of Keeper. We like to think that our app is the most user-friendly and intuitive password manager out there, but at the end of the day it’s up to the actual users to decide. Reviews like this tell us what we love to hear: that real people love our app as much as we do.

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Thanks, AppPicker!