New York Times: “We’ve Been Hacked”

New York Times: “We’ve Been Hacked”

Breaking news: The New York Times announced yesterday that it has been the victim of hacking. And not on just one occasion. According to the report, this has been going on for four months.

So who is responsible?

According to them, China. It seems that in response to articles published in October about the Chinese prime minister, Wen Jiabao, Chinese hackers targeted the Times with malicious software in an attempt to investigate anyone who may have been involved or have provided information on the subject. The hackers used the malware to gain access to the corporate passwords and profiles of every member of the publication’s staff.

Computer security experts identified the computers used in the breach as the same machines used by the Chinese military. However, they found no evidence of the accessing or use of sensitive files. More importantly, customer data remained secure.

No harm, no foul? Not exactly. Large scale international cyber attacks on government records are one thing, but when the passwords and personal data of businesses and individuals are compromised, the implications are far reaching. That’s why password security is a concern for everyone, both in their personal and professional lives. We encourage companies to use Keeper as a way of protecting employees corporate passwords and records. With the option of unlimited folders and multi-device syncing, anyone can easily keep track of their personal and professional passwords on one simple database.