Keeping a Bright Outlook In 2013

Keeping a Bright Outlook In 2013

As 2012 winds to a close, it’s easy to focus on the doom-and-gloom side of recent events in cyber security. From malware-ridden apps to individual hacks on personal information to large-scale cyber attacks from organizations like Anonymous, you might not want to ever take that new tablet out of its box.

Of course, it’s good to be aware of the potential threats that concern everyone with a connected device. McCafee released a report ofsecurity predictions for 2013 and its outlook, while grim, is nonetheless realistic. One major concern is mobile and wireless security. With more and more Americans relying on smartphones and tablets to manage finances, shop online, pay bills and otherwise use and store sensitive personal information, mobile devices are increasingly appealing targets for hackers and cybercriminals. Identity theft, malware and hijacked accounts are only some of the threats waiting for the 21st century digital citizen.

It’s all enough to make you forget why all this technology is here in the first place: to improve your life. And so while new devices and software do invite attention from criminals, technological innovation is also what will protect you and make your life easier— like it’s supposed to. Protecting yourself from threats like malware is often a matter of always verifying the security of your internet connection, background checking suspiscious apps, and continuously downloading and installing security updates to protect against new malicious programs. But luckily not all security measures are so involved.

A good password manager like Keeper Password and Data Vault is a simple security option that can protect your entire identity: social security number, credit card info, online account logins, and more.Strong, varied and heavily-encrypted passwords are the key to safeguarding your information, and keeping them all in one place ensures that you’ll never forget a password or username ever again. All it requires is a quick download on each device, and then you’re set for a year.

If you didn’t have Keeper last year, then 2013 is the perfect year for a fresh and secure start.