Only You Have Access to Your Cloud

Only You Have Access to Your Cloud

Imagine lifting open your laptop screen to log into your social media accounts to find nothing. Your Twitter, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn accounts have been deleted. You shut your laptop and open it again to your laptop rebooting itself. You scramble for your phone or tablet to double check the unsettling reality but there is nothing. It’s all gone. All of your data is wiped clean and your digital existence has also vanished.

This horrific sequence of events was accomplished by hackers accessing your iCloud account – the online spot where we trust to store our data that we can conveniently access remotely. These hackers didn’t scramble to figure out your password. Instead, they pretended to be you during a phone conversation with representatives, explaining “your” inability to access “your” account. After a short phone call, the hackers have a temporary password, an open door to everything you’ve ever stored on the web.

A few days ago, this actually happened. It wasn’t the ability to crack an iCloud password, it was the faulty security measures that certain companies take that make your information vulnerable to an attack. This type of attack is terrifying as the digital world continues to grow in the direction of using a Cloud as a backup. Flaws like this need to be addressed before a storm opens up and suddenly no one is safe anymore. No one should be able to access information except the owner. Keeper understands and believes in this very important security practice.

Keeper allows you to not only store your password information and sync to all of your devices, but it allows you to backup your vital information to our encrypted Cloud for full protection. By using Keeper, you don’t need to worry about a hacker contacting Customer Support and gaining access to your information. All of your data is stored as ‘binary’ files, that are completely encrypted and not readable. We keep these ‘binary’ files for one reason: to be able to offer customers the Cloud Restore feature. This feature is available only if you have your Master Password, email address and security answer that you chose and only you know. So don’t worry about someone finding a piece of your mail or the last four digits of your credit card information and using them as the tools to destroy your digital existence. Keeper 5.0 is here to give you the comfort of data security! Plus, there’s unlimited record storage and self-destruct protection that will clear your local information if anyone besides yourself tries to access your Keeper account.

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