Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers

You know that gut wrenching feeling of tapping each of your pockets or ruffling through your bag and not being able to find your Smartphone? Whether you leave it on a bus, in the back of a cab, at the library or a party, it’s devastating when we can’t find our phones. Losing something as easily replaceable as a cellphone shouldn’t seem like such a big deal. However the way we utilize our phones for accessing private information such as online banking, business accounts and all of our social media platforms, losing your phone can be detrimental. Our minds are filled with “what-ifs” about all the different palms our phones could fall into and whether or not that person, or another, snooped through our valuable and private data.

Symantec recently completed a study to find out how often and what data on a lost Smartphone is accessed. Their study called “Honey Stick Project” involved releasing 50 “lost” smartphones after they had been made capable of tracking what happened once the phones were found. Unfortunately their findings are not what we want to see.

The numbers below represent what was accessed from a found phone. You know that wallet you found on the sidewalk, did you look inside the cash fold, or go straight to the license to return it to it’s owner? A large chunk (57% to be exact) are guilty of accessing your password information on your “lost” phone.

Smartphone owners, beware! Take control of your private information by getting Keeper now!

Using Keeper on your Smartphone allows you to be confident in knowing your private information is safe. Keeper’s military-grade 128-AES bit encryption stores your private information and passwords securely all the time. It also creates riskless passwords and logs you into websites. New versions of Keeper have been released on all mobile device platforms including iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

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