A Step Forward with Online Privacy

A Step Forward with Online Privacy

Google’s new privacy policy that’s now unified across all platforms went into full effect on March 1. Google has been notifying its users through pop-ups. In their video, Google called their unification as “tidying up”, which also means more than just consolidating a privacy policy across all their platforms. This consolidation is more user-friendly with less for users to read and keep track of. However, the privacy policy also states that Google is able to collect information from users as they operate all of Google’s free services such as Youtube, Search, Gmail, Google+, Maps and more. This will assist Google to streamline ads specifically chosen to market to you based on the information they’ve collected from your usage.

To some, this seems detrimental, even though Google shares how beneficial the updated privacy policy will be. Once signed in, users will be treated like one user instead of several, across all platforms, combining all information and making google searches geared specifically toward them.

Some critics view the updated policy as Google “trampling on people’s privacy rights in it’s relentless way to sell more ads.” Even top European regulators claim the privacy policy violates European data protection laws. Regardless, there are mixed reviews on whether or not Google’s updated Privacy Policy really makes that big of a difference.

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