You Can Rely On Keeper

You Can Rely On Keeper

We don’t want to believe it could happen to us, but theft happens to people and in places we would never expect.  There’s also those accidents where we leave our belongings in places and they aren’t there when we return.  When something as valuable to us as our cellphone or laptop that holds all of our private information is taken or misplaced, our world is turned upside down.

But with Keeper’s self-destruct function, you don’t have to worry.  If you ever leave your device on the bus, or it is unfortunately stolen, don’t fret over your private information being taken along with it.   All of your information is safe behind your master password.   After five unlucky attempts to break in, Keeper will self-destruct and wipe out all of your content you’ve stored in your Keeper account. The good news is if you’ve backed up your data to Keeper’s Cloud Security Vault ™, it’s all safe in there.

(Instructions on how to Backup and Restore your Keeper account data)

When it’s time to access your information from a new device, it might seem cumbersome to try to remember all of your user names and passwords after relying on Keeper for so long to do the work. However, if your information is backed up to Keeper’s Cloud and Security Vault, you can quickly restore all of your data from there.

Keeper makes your life more secure and simple. Even MSNBC is talking about it