Freedom, Power and Protection

Freedom, Power and Protection

Since our company was founded, Callpod’s mission has been to provide intelligent solutions to technological needs. We have researched and engineered ways to improve the lives of mobile device users and allow our customers to use their technological tools unhindered by the built-in limitations of such devices.

Our groundbreaking innovations in bluetooth technology with the Phoenix, Dragon, Onyx and Vetro stemmed from a vision to provide the freedom to be truly mobile. With your hands free and the ability to roam at will, we hope to inspire creativity within collaborative efforts. Some meetings and communications are best undertaken without the impediments and restrictions of a fixed space, just as some of the best thoughts and ideas come from an uninterrupted flow. Our bluetooth headsets enable our customers to communicate with crisp clarity on the same system while on bike rides, on ships, or in separate departments within the same company. We have always known the possibilities with our technology were limitless; the question is, do you?

“Your Devices Are Hungry: Feed Them”

Maintaining high energy levels is an essential part of any successful endeavor, from the human body to your mobile devices. Callpod makes this easier and more efficient for you with our award winning charging products which were designed to deliver power to the devices that you have come to rely on.. The Chargepod is widely recognized for its simple answer to a technological age problem–the clutter and logistical mess that comes with have many devices. We have given you the ability to free both your physical and mental space and streamline your life to allow you to worry about more important things.

We have stated many times that the very nature of mobile devices leaves you and the information transmitted through them vulnerable. Whether the risk comes from passing through unsecured networks, or theft or loss, the data that you have on your device can be hacked in so many ways and is becoming an increasing concern to businesses and individuals. Keeper is the solution that we have provided for the issue of protection, and with more than 5 million downloads our users agree that it provides a simple and elegant solution to the need for encryption. We have been constantly improving the operability and functioality of Keeper and are continuing to develop new ways to guard you and your device against predatory users.

Callpod has always been an idealistic company, finding ways to enhance the mobile experience of our customers and promote better communications and innovation through the use of our products. We have a history of renowned research and engineering programs that have produced exceptional products that stand out with style.