BlackBerry Teaches Valuable Lesson in Backing Up to the Cloud

BlackBerry Teaches Valuable Lesson in Backing Up to the Cloud

Many of the people who have relied upon BlackBerry’s Password Manager function found themselves in dire straits these past few days during the failure of service to 70 million of its users. Of the many problems and snafus that this created, the most critical one was the inability of BlackBerry users to connect to the internet.

Those who rely on the Password Manager function to store and keep passwords and login information experienced the problem of not being able to connect that data to the users most important websites. We hear from users who use the program for the most critical of functions (otherwise, why bother to store and encrypt it?) and we assume that it must be the same for users of BlackBerry’s Password Manager.

This service failure makes a case for the importance of cloud storage, in addition to highlighting the essential limitations of mobile devices in general. If lost, stolen or out of commission due to service problems, the programs storing your important information have no way to help you work on a different device.

We foresaw this scenario when we developed Keeper Backup. By storing your data in the cloud, you will always have unrestricted access to your files at any time, in any place. All of the information that enter into Keeper is encrypted from the moment that you input it. This encryption is based on the secret password that you choose, ensuring the safety of your information when you do store it in the cloud.

This way, life can continue seamlessly even if you lose your mobile device or service to it.