You Can’t Take A Vacation From Protecting Yourself

You Can’t Take A Vacation From Protecting Yourself

Right now in the midst of summer, schools are out of session and the weather is heating up. Families are packing their bags and heading out of town for vacation. We came across a study this morning that analyzed the habits of travelers who work remotely while they are away from home and on vacation on their mobile devices; i.e. the types of people who are our customers here at Callpod and benefit the most from all of our products.

The study reports some interesting statistics. Even while on an official holiday, over half of all office workers stay connected to the job through email and messaging to ensure that things are running smoothly in their absence. 41% of those surveyed reported taking mobile devices on vacation for work.

51% of the laptops that travel with workers are left entirely unsecured without even a password for protection- of those, only 26% will be encrypted.

In our white paper on mobile security, we point out the protection issues inherent to mobile devices. In addition to being susceptible to loss, damage and theft, the wireless connectivity points through which these devices access mobile networks each present opportunities for malicious users to compromise the Smartphone, laptop or tablet. When passing through Wi-Fi networks in the airport, hotels, museums, restaurants and other locations on vacation, a traveler could be exposing their device and the information kept within it to a greater number of hackers.

Traveling through a foreign or unfamiliar environment, makes retaining control over the data contained within your devices considerably more vital, especially when carrying work information. The transient, anonymous nature of your vacation destination can have a dark side to it when it comes to the microdata that identifies you in your mobile device. You would never leave your office door open or your filing cabinet unlocked in the middle of a well-trafficked street, but leaving your mobile device unsecured with unencrypted information carries the same sort of risk.

Andrew Cordial of Origin Storage states that the downside of having employees who work while on vacation is “the aftermath from these industrious workers when company secrets have gone AWOL”.

“The reality is that when corporate information is accessed from a mobile device, whether it’s personal or company owned and it’s misplaced there are consequences.”

As we’ve pointed out before, the very nature of mobile devices used for work demands that there be an extra set of protection for the data secured on the device. Most importantly, your critical information should be encrypted. Usage of Smartphones, laptops and tablets is only going to increase and will soon surpass the usage of desktop computers, making it all the more critical to institute measures that will ensure that no matter where you go, your information remains secure.