Keeper Backup
Full data backup and protection for your passwords and private information in case your device is lost, damaged, stolen or replaced.
Unlimited Storage
Quickly store unlimited information in your private and secure Keeper Vault.
Secure Cloud Backup
Have peace-of-mind knowing your backups are stored in Keeper's Cloud Security Vault which uses 256-bit encryption and world-class security. Learn more about our security.
Sync to All Your Devices
Automatically and effortlessly sync your Keeper data on all your Smartphones, Tablets and Computers.
Share Records with Ease
Securely and quickly share Keeper records with other Keeper Backup users while you control access and edit permissions.
Access the Web App from Anywhere. It's Free.
Keeper's Web App lets you securely access your Keeper vault from any device using your favorite web browser. Web App is free with any purchase.
Seamless Browser Experience
With Keeper's super-handy Browser Extension, you can auto-fill your login credentials and save new website info to your secure Keeper vault. Available for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.
Live Support
We're here for you with live chat, email support and interactive tools - including daily webinars.